Exsonvaldes & Helena Miquel

by Exsonvaldes & Helena Miquel



Helena Miquel and Exsonvaldes first met in 2013, at the South Pop Isla Cristina" festival, on the Spain-Portugal border. The spanish singer is at the time on tour with her band Delafé y Las Flores Azules, while the French band is meeting increasing success on the spanish festival scene. They decide to "make something special for the spanish audience", and close a number of their shows with a cover of "Enamorado de la moda juvenile" from Radio Futura.

The members of Exsonvaldes have long wanted to record a duo with a female singer. After this first encounter, and following the advice of their Spanish record company Green UFOs, they naturally decide to write to Helena Miquel. "Before answering, I spent several days listening to their records. I liked them, and I decided to say yes", says Helena. Flattered by the offer, she also takes it as a personal challenge, working with professional musicians from abroad.

The writing process then begins, in both languages, between Paris and Barcelona. Many emails are sent. Generally, Exsonvaldes send songs around for Helena to supplement, re-write or translate. Explanations also have to be given, particularly concerning the song "Cyclop", which evokes the relationship between Jean Tinguely and Niki de Saint Phalle. "It was a very inspiring writing process, and a team effort. I had to understand what they wanted to say, and express it in my own words. I spent good times at home trying to find the right ideas", tells Helena Miquel. "For us, it was a surprising mirror effect! The result is unique and would never have existed without her or us", adds the band.

In the beginning of 2015, Helena Miquel flies to Paris to record "in a studio where there were no familiar faces, in an unknown city, in a different country". In only 24 hours, she finds her grounding and the songs become real : "I hope people will feel the energy that drove the creation of those songs. I also hope we'll have many chances of playing them live together !"."We're very proud of the songs and we can't wait to hear the reactions on both sides of the border !" conclude Exsonvaldes.


released June 1, 2015

Produced by Alex Firla.
Recorded and mixed by Alex Firla at Interference Bastille (Paris), assisted by Nicolas Wilhelm.
Mastered by Chab at Translab (Paris).

Words by Helena Miquel and Exsonvaldes.
Music by Exsonvaldes.
Published by Interference / Finalistes.

Helena Miquel: vocals.
Simon Beaudoux: vocals, guitars.
Antoine Bernard: guitars, keyboards.
Martin Chourrout: drums.
Cyrille Nobilet: bass, keyboards.

Artwork by Sue Wanderlust: suewanderlust.tumblr.com.
Promo Spain : santi@greenufos.es
Promo France : promo@interference.me
Booking Spain : greenufos@greenufos.es
Booking France : contact@exsonvaldes.net

(p) & (c) 2015 Interference / Finalistes



all rights reserved


Exsonvaldes Paris, France

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Track Name: Cyclop
Le Cyclop me regarde
Et ses yeux brillent un peu
Immobile sous les arbres
Il m'observe un peu mieux

Quiero olvidar la ciudad
Sé que no volverás
¿Quién te vigila?

Toi tu perds la raison
Moi je n'arrive plus à suivre
Et si je ne suis pas encore fou
Je souhaite le devenir

He perdido la razón
Me cuesta caminar
El delirio nos venció
No quiero abandonar

Le cyclop te regarde
Et tes yeux brillent aussi
Quand tu vois en miroir
Le reflet de ta folie

Despídete de la ciudad
No fuimos tu y yo
El bosque nos une

Toi tu perds la raison
Moi je n'arrive plus à suivre
Et si je ne suis pas encore fou
Je souhaite le devenir

He perdido la razón
Me cuesta caminar
El delirio nos venció
No quiero abandonar

Et si je ne suis pas encore fou
La locura vencera

Niki reste là, ce que j'ai est à toi.
Track Name: En Silencio
Jamais je n'aurais cru pouvoir oublier
Maintenant je m'en rappelle à peine
Sur mes yeux se posent des milliers de mains aveugles
Le monde s'écroule pour un rien

Cerré mis ojos con aquel susurro
Metí tu voz en un cajón sin fondo
¿Quién habla de olvidar?
Deseo que encuentres el lugar

En silencio, en silencio
sólo quiero recordar
en silencio

Le temps de savoir ce qu'on voulait
On avait détruit le peu qu'il nous restait
J'ai ouvert grand les bras aux secrets invisibles
Comme si plus rien n'existait

Guardé el recuerdo de saber quién era
En aquel pedazo de papel brillante
Sonrío sin hablar
¿Quién sabe callar sin olvidar?

En silencio, en silencio
sólo quiero recordar
en silencio

Ya ves, ya ves
Si hay algo que olvidar
¿Qué más debo olvidar?

Je n'ai rien dit
Je n'ai rien dit
Mais je voulais m'en rappeler
Est-ce qu'on peut vraiment oublier ?